Jordans Sale – classical regression Air Jordan 1 OG XQ engraved

Air Jordans 1 OG XQ For Sale

Jordans Sale - classical regression Air Jordan 1 OG XQ engraved

Following last week’s Nike Zoom Hyperflight interpretations city basketball spirit, summer storms have a pair of basketball shoes classic shoes origins blockbuster launch. Six years ago, Jordan brand to celebrate the opening of Shanghai, including a number of Chinese stores designed Air Jordan 1 XQ coming back with a new look for Jordans Sale!

Air Jordan 1 was born in 1985 as a series of basketball shoes, Jordan’s pedigree, witnessed the beginning of an era of great basketball, but also the history of the immortal classic shoes. In the past two decades, Air Jordan 1 has been repeatedly engraved interpretation, among them are some classics.

Starting in 2007, Air Jordan 1 XQ specifically for China to build, is the Jordan series for the first time outside the United States in particular markets and consumers made ​​designs. “XQ (Xi Qing)” is a festive means, shoes not only blend of classic and stylish two elements, but is also a tribute to Western culture. Products with Chinese dragon design one of the core, upper with dragon patterns. This summer released Air Jordan 1 OG XQ keep these classic design, but also thanks to innovative design and materials technology, lightweight leather material will bring more comfortable wearing experience. Shoes and more particularly using Air Jordan 1 OG abalone eyelets designed shoes will make fans themselves.

Retro Air Jordans 1 Low White Cement

Retro Air Jordans 1 Low White Cement

Jordan Brand recently disclosed an Air Jordan 1 Low White Cement attention of new works. This pair of Air Jordan 1 Low White Cement bursting with NIKEiD recently published as a special decoration design element bottom surface with white leather uppers ride on the gray burst ornamentation in the inside, with outer soles and details of the site are dotted in blue.

Retro Air Jordans 1 Low White Cement -1

Retro Air Jordans 1 Low White Cement -2

Jordan Brand recently disclosed an Air Jordan 1 Low White Cement attention of new works. This pair of Air Jordan 1 Low White Cement bursting with NIKEiD recently published as a special decoration design element bottom surface with white leather uppers ride on the gray burst ornamentation in the inside, with outer soles and details of the site are dotted in blue, as if the weight of the whole Air Jordan III True Blue is now a wonderful figure. This pair of Air Jordan 1 Low White Cement Jordan Brand has started at the point of sale within each stage, like a shoe fans can not miss.

Michael Air Jordan dunks Jordans sports

Who’s “Jordan”?

Basketball Michael Jordan is well-known people began in the 1980s, first introduced into NBA broadcast, in his 1984 first-round NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls, nicknamed “trapeze”, he led the team won six NBA titles once in 1993 announced its withdrawal NBA.

And in 1994, Jordan sports began to take it that resembles the Nike “Jordan” brand dunk villain LOGO, spread rapidly across the country, “Jordan Monopoly” shop. Since the June 2000, Plant was renamed in turn Jinjiangchendai stream Jinjiang City Jordan Sporting Goods Co.; September 2000, Jinjiang, Fujian Jordan Jordan approved changes. December 2009, Fujian Jordan changed the whole Corporation, Jordan sport was born. In 2009, third-party survey shows that the majority of domestic consumers mistakenly think that Jordan is Jordan’s own brand of sports, especially basketball fans, it is that Michael Jordan and Michael Jordan sports is associated, Jordan sports the trademark owner’s image is a person leaping dunk silhouette, very reminiscent of the classic Air Jordan gliding dunks, as well as the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan’s iconic red shirt.
Jordan and Jordan sports “indirect dialogue” was in 2002, when Michael Jordan and Nike co-founder of the basketball segment brand “Air Jordan”, in Jordan sports Trademark preliminary approval stage right after the announcement of which 8 defense Xing trademark filed objections, but its objections were rejected and Trademark Office, followed by a request for reexamination Nike commercial judges were dismissed.

Dispute culminated in 2011, when on November 25, “Jordan sports” through the Commission issued the Audit Committee IPO application, as planned before the end of March 2012 will be listed and is expected to become the first landing A share market sporting goods business.

According to the prospectus, the company not only registered the “Jordan” trademark, also registered Jordan’s jersey number 23, and “Jeffrey Jordan”, “Marcus Jordan” and its English variants trademark, while the latter with Michael Jordan’s two sons the same name written in English. This is the industry believe that “Jordan sports” timid performance. And in Jordan when the sport is about victory, Michael Jordan’s one mind “cap” Block A shares Jordan sports program. February 23, 2012, Michael Jordan in China filed a lawsuit alleging violations of Jordan sports and other names of themselves and their families the right to claim compensation from the defendant 50,010,000 yuan, quite fatalistic sense of history is precisely Jordan 23 Bulls jersey number.

Michael Jordan said: “There will be other companies without my permission to use my Chinese name, jersey number 23, and even tried to use my child’s name to carry out commercial activities, I am very disappointed and I take the purpose of this action is to protect I have the right name and brand. “the same year, on March 5, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court accepted the case. As caught in litigation, “Jordan sports” IP0 listing of the road was forced to abort.

But things have emerged this year reversed. March 29, listed unsuccessful “Jordan sports” formal charges against Michael Jordan, asking them to stop abuse “Jordan sports” defamation act to clarify the facts, apologize and restore the reputation of Jordan sports, and compensation for economic losses of $ 8,000,000 . April 2, Quanzhou court formally accepted the case. Since the April 27, Michael Jordan v. “Jordan sports” right to a name dispute at the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court. Trial, Jordan’s lawyer, said the amount of the claim from the original raise about $ 40,000 to about $ 1.14 million, this is also considered to be the previous “Jordan sports” Claims $ 8,000,000 responses.

By “capping” of the IPO

From the defendant to the plaintiff, Jordan sports was “falsely accuse” or last resort? In any case, it is Michael Jordan’s lawsuit “capping” Jordan sports market road, and in March this year Jordan sports counterclaim IPO aimed at breaking the deadlock. “Jordan sports” said in a statement, Michael Jordan in the “Jordan sports” listed crucial moment high-profile prosecution, the use of litigation undermines Jordan sport’s reputation, resulting in “Jordan sports” IPO market, thus affecting the company’s business development plan .
Had counseling Anta, Li Lang shoes and apparel brand successfully listed hengrun capital chairman Ni Zhongsen that wanted to fight some difficult business operations listed in order to achieve “carp leaping” type of freshmen, they’re like gamblers gambled want to immediately overturned the same. “XDLONG” is the most powerful proof. Operation after Goldman Sachs’ XDLong “listed in Hong Kong, but questioned in financial fraud, Goldman Sachs invested $ 400 million was hedged until January 2009, Goldman Sachs operation XDLONG NASDAQ listing through a reverse merger, was financing $ 100 million, this can be defined.
A Fujian Jinjiang businessman, told reporters that the counterclaim Jordan Jordan sports, “win not win is not important, the key is not to spend money to re-letting everyone concerned about this brand.”

The data is the harsh reality. Six major domestic sports brand performance report shows that last year, in addition to China Dongxiang (Kappa owned mainland China and Macau in all equity) a slight profit, the Li Ning, Anta, Olympic, special steps, 361 degree brand performance decline to varying degrees, This year a total of six brands off store nearly 5000, the domestic sports brand from the previous “staking” entered a “knockout.”

Data show that as of last year, Jinjiang, Fujian has 41 listed companies, 73 companies listed on the reserve. 41 listed companies, there are 20 for the footwear business. Time to focus on 2007 to 2012. Enterprises to raise funds equivalent to about 23 billion yuan, the total market capitalization of over 180 billion yuan securities. A county-level city nearest 40 listed companies, this data is amazing.

The pain of grassroots brand cottage

Although Jordan and Jordan sports scores unfinished, which lasted five years, Adidas Adi Wang sued infringement was settled. In May this year, Adidas sued Adi Wang infringement settlement, “Adi King” Chinese trademarks and Triangle Logo LOGO is free transfer to Adidas, the Chinese trademark and Triangle Logo LOGO will not be able to continue to use, can not appear in the terminal storefront . At this point, Adi King “occasion” of the road seems to come to an end.
Senior brand analyst Li Dou expressed, Adi Wang original is hoping to expand the visibility of Adidas, which is the usual domestic enterprises of the law, but will find the time to develop a strong encounter a lot of embarrassment, so companies must build brand beginning Looking to the future, registered trademarks, be sure to consider the future development and expansion of the day, do not be “Pong brand” blocked from moving forward.

In fact, Jordan and Adidas sports king, because “cottage” trademark by foreign enterprises by foreign enterprises in Jinjiang local private litigation is the corporate brand of the pain. Investment Advisor in the light researcher Xiong Xiaokun says, only to seek a breakthrough product innovation, to the homogenization of competition survived only down to earth to create their own brands and product quality in order to win in the fierce competition in some markets.

Why so red air jordans?

What is Sneaker? A few years ago this question, the answer may be only sneakers. Sneaker culture truly the pinnacle, is the Air Jordan (Jordan shoes). Today, Sneaker culture has extended many of the elements: pop culture, street style …… If you love Sneaker, please stick to it. Other day you lose the love of it, I believe it will become your life a good memory.

Air Jordan – the true king of Sneaker

Many stars, the influx of people to attend events or everyday street shooting, will foot one pair printed with “trapeze” LOGO sneakers, which is famous for the American NBA basketball player, “trapeze” Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) tailored The Air Jordan (Jordan shoes, hereinafter referred to AJ). The god of basketball Michael Jordan in the NBA’s dominance Dominating invincible, six championship rings on his basketball court is the dominance of the best evidence, and AJ also bears its unique qualities.

Air Jordan 1 ~ 23 generations can be described as a great background, beginning from 1985 AJ1, every year a Jordan shoes come out, to today’s 28 generations, different styles and different colors all have different stories, contains a different meaning, as well as different technology concepts, the same, there are different memories. Especially AJ1-AJ13 most precious, every Jordan fans are very familiar to tell these stories.

Shaohua perishable, and the classic forever. Perhaps, Air Jordan Michael Jordan is adhering to the kind of domineering ride in the arena, so that Air Jordan Sneaker become the king of kings. Air Jordan series began as a subsidiary of Nike brand in the long-term development and improvement, and finally his breakthrough in 1997, the detachment from Nike and become an independent brand: Jordan Brand.

AJ is not expensive to buy a small number will be able to buy

Air Jordan shoes circles can be described in his mouth golden spoon born, it is in the minds of people after 80 generations indelible memories, but also produced a 90 after a group of pink shoes Jordan shoes plot. Price can be a pair of ordinary Air Jordan hundreds of thousands; one pair of spray color Air Jordan Price 5000 yuan; Japanese manga “Slam Dunk”, the chuanfeng ever “wear” in AJ5 had not yet offered for sale, online predetermined price had gone up …… expensive price for many shoe powder, the little catch up.

Even though the price of shoes is not a problem for you, you can have a pair of limited edition Air Jordan is not easy: there are so many people robbed! Whenever new listing, there will be a large number of specialized shoe powder ran queued through the night in Hong Kong, posture is that of fruit powder. If you do not want to want to have a heart of water line of shoes, then you have to dig a lot of money purchasing an additional fee.

Trends do not fly collection to moderate

The trend is always a catch, and obsession can have, but the degree to master. Senior sneakers collectors, Air Jordan controlled Chen said, every pair of shoes is alive, Air Jordan shoes collection is complete soul is not able to appreciate the style, but in everyday life in order to feel outfit. So, like the Air Jordan series of friends, pick out their favorite and wild twenty-three pairs of shoes, honestly wear your favorite shoes, it is enough. If you have happened to generations of Air Jordan is recognized classic Azeri circle, and you believe it may also become a collector.